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Game Rules

Image of a person measuring the points at the end of a round of petanque

Petanque is played between two teams. The objective is to score points by having balls closer to a small target ball — the jack — than the opponent. The ball nearest to the jack is said to be holding the point. The team that is not holding the point throw their balls until they place a ball closer to the jack, thereby triggering the other team to throw their balls until they are again holding the point, etc... A round of petanque ends when both teams have thrown all their balls.

The team whose best ball is closest to the jack at the end of the round, wins the round. They get one point for each ball that is closer to the jack than the losing team’s best ball. A game of petanque is played over multiple rounds. The winner is the first team to reach 13 points.

Featured Tournaments

Animated short

This video from Ninh Ly gives a fun introduction to petanque. For more info about the game, tap the learn more button.