Mission Statement

Petanque World's mission is to provide useful information and services for a worldwide audience of petanque players.

We thereby intend to:

  • promote the petanque game itself
  • facilitate petanque organizations in promoting their activities and themselves
  • build and strengthen a worldwide community of petanque players
  • make playing a game of petanque an even more enjoyable experience

Petanque World is an ongoing project. We are constantly pushing ourselves to adapt the platform so that it aligns with the needs of the petanque community. The petanque community is therefore encouraged to share with us any remarks it might have, or any features it would like to see implemented.

We use affiliate links on our website to cover expenses made on making Petanque World a better place to visit.

Who are we?

Petanque World is a project initiated by Frederic Aertsopen_in_new. Frederic is a web developer who lives in Belgium. He is interested in math, web experiments and (obviously) petanque.

The following persons/entities (in alphabetical order) have contributed directly or indirectly to the making of Petanque World:

  • De Bosklappers
Achturenstraat 65, 3010 Leuven, Belgium


Achturenstraat 65 3010 Leuven Belgium



Contact us

We'd love to hear from you!

Petanque World is constantly on the lookout for good ideas that could make the website a better place to visit. If you think you can make a valuable contribution, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can leave us a message here, or contact us directly via hello@petanque.world.